Emergency Operations

VCFPD Staff works out of two primary fire stations: Fire Station 1 is located at 28234 Lilac Road. It is the District Headquarters and houses a Paramedic Fire Engine, Mercy Paramedic Ambulance, Battalion Chief, Fire Marshal, CERT Office, District Administrator, District Administrative Staff and the Fire Chief.

Fire Station 2 is located at 28205 N. Lake Wohlford Road next to the Valley Center Sheriff’s Department Substation. It houses a Paramedic Fire Engine and Paramedic Rescue Squad.

Emergency Medical Responses from each Fire Station are generally supported by a minimum of 5 personnel. 1 Fire Captain, 1 Fire Engineer, 2 Firefighter Paramedics and 1 Firefighter EMT respond as a highly trained team to provide advanced life support care on every response with Mercy Ambulance and Valley Center Fire providing advanced life support care and transport.

Fires, Rescues, Hazardous Material and Special Incident responses are generally supported by a minimum of 17 personnel. This constitutes our effective firefighting force on an initial dispatch and consists of: 1 Chief Officer, 3 Fire Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Rescue Squad and 1 Mercy Paramedic Ambulance.

Valley Center Fire Protection District enjoys a great working relationship with our neighboring Municipal and Tribal Fire Agencies. This provides Automatic and Mutual Aid coverage in the event of multiple 9-11 calls in our response area and provides like assets to mitigate all hazards and risks to our community. Valley Center Fire Protection District responds in kind when our neighbors need assistance through the same shared agreements.

Paramedic services are provided to our community through an exceptional working and contractual relationship with Mercy Ambulance. Together, through a public private partnership we provide Advanced Life Support Paramedic Treatment and Transport to the Valley Center Paramedic Service Area. Both public and private agencies have a common goal of providing the highest level of patient care while delivering exceptional service through shared core values of Loyalty, Integrity and Trust. We pride ourselves in providing this service by utilizing this innovative method of fiscal responsibility.

Animal Evacuation

In rural areas of the county, including the Valley Center Fire Protection District, the special needs of pets and other large Animals are of significant concern during fires and other emergencies. The County of San Diego Department of Animal Services Valley Center Disaster Animal Response Team (DAS VC DART) was established to aid the community in providing for the safety of our large and small domestic pets and livestock in emergency situations. DAS VC DART is an all volunteer organization... for more visit www.vcdart.org

Remember that most shelters do not accept animals of any kind, and large animals pose unique challenges related to safety and location. You may want to consider these special needs in your emergency plans.

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