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Valley Center Fire Protection District
Closing Date: 2/26/2018

The Valley Center Fire Protection District is recruiting and testing to establish a list of qualified candidates for the position of Fire Engineer. We will be holding a Fire Engineer examination March 12 - 16, 2018.

When employed, the Fire Engineer, at the direction of a Fire Captain, will perform all of the duties of a Fire Engineer, Firefighter, EMT or Paramedic. The Fire Engineer will operate vehicles, apparatus and equipment in a safe and professional manner, provide program and project management, participate in life safety inspections, deliver public education, and provide instruction and mentorship to Firefighters, EMTs or Paramedics.

Valley Center Fire Protection District
Closing Date: 3/9/2018

The Valley Center Fire Protection District is recruiting and testing to establish a list of qualified candidates for the position of Fire Captain and will be holding a Fire Captain examination April 16 - 27, 2018. Completed applications and resumes with proof of minimum qualifications attached must be received by the District no later than 5 pm, March 9, 2018.

On behalf of the 40 professional men and women that serve the citizens of the Valley Center Fire Protection District, I welcome you to the Valley Center Fire Protection District web page. Here you will find both statistical, as well as anecdotal information regarding the district. The Valley Center Fire Protection Districts operates a full service fire department providing services ranging from fire prevention, public education, fire suppression, emergency medical services in partnership with Mercy Ambulance, technical rescue and hazardous materials mitigation.

Operating from 2 strategically located stations in an 84.5 square mile response area, the Valley Center Fire Protection District provides the highest quality of service to our 20,000 residents and visitors who come to our community and experience our family atmosphere. We responded to over 1720 calls for service in 2016 and with our growing community, we expect to see an increase in calls for service in the years to come.

We have strived to provide you with information that is most frequently requested, and I hope you find this page easy to navigate. As always, if you see ways we can make your experience here on our page better, please do not hesitate to let us know by contacting any of the members of the Valley Center Fire Protection District.

Joe Napier
Fire Chief
Valley Center Fire Department


August, 2017
Dear Property Owner,
In an effort to provide prompt and efficient emergency services to our customers, the Valley Center Fire Protection District is surveying all bridges, culverts and other crossings within our jurisdiction to ensure compliance with District, County and State fire codes. This effort is in response to the identification of several substandard, non-permitted bridges or culverts in the district, with the ultimate goal of preventing our fire apparatus from falling through a bridge or collapsing a culvert. Our staff has conducted a survey and determined that there is a bridge or culvert on your property. We will be requiring that all private bridges and culverts have the maximum vehicle load limits posted on both entrances to the elevated structure.

In order to ensure the safety of our personnel and equipment, we cannot guarantee our fire apparatus will cross your bridge or culvert until such time as we receive verification that your elevated structure will support a capacity of 75,000 pounds. Rest assured we will continue to provide prompt service to your property; however, service will likely be delayed if the capacity of your structure remains unanswered. Verification of capacity may be accomplished by one of the following:

1. Provide proof of a permit, or obtain a permit from the County of San Diego, Department of Planning & Land Use (858) 694-2960

2. If your bridge or culvert cannot be permitted by the County, obtain written verification from a licensed structural engineer. You may find such engineers in the yellow pages under "engineers-structural."

We thank you for your prompt attention in this matter. Should you have any questions, please contact me at (760) 751-7600. A completed county permit or verification can be mailed to Mike Shore, Fire Marshal at the above address.

Mike Shore, Fire Marshal
Valley Center Fire Protection District

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Making plans ahead of time can often mean the difference between tragedy and survival. And, while the VCFPD and other emergency responders are dedicated to making your life safer, no one agency or governmental entity can do everything that needs to be done to protect you in all circumstances.

Good planning includes having knowledge of your community, its terrain, its roads, the best places to go or avoid in an emergency, what media stations to turn to during a disaster for information, and many other things.

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