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April 8, 2020




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An Update on the Coronavirus

Effective midnight tonight, all public or private gatherings over 250 people will be prohibited in San Diego County, through the month of March. Gatherings of less than 250 people are strongly encouraged to keep a social distance of 6 feet from on another in conformance with California Department of Public Health guidelines. Click for Flyer

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Do's and Don'ts For Wearing Gloves


The San Diego County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) invites all interested parties to review and provide comment on a draft municipal service review prepared on the Valley Center region.
The draft municipal service review is specific to addressing the availability, need, and performance of public services provided in the region by (a) Valley Center Municipal Water District, (b) Valley Center Fire Protection District, and (c) Valley Center Community Services District relative to LAFCO’s growth management interests and duties.

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Now Accepting Applications for:
Fire Captain
Fire Engineer Position
Full-time Firefighter Paramedic
Reserve Firefighter/EMT
Reserve Firefighter Paramedic

For more information visit the recruitment page.

Ordinance No. 54 - Setting the maximum service availability charge for fire suppression service. View Notice

Resolution No. 2019-07 - Resolution continuing the annual special tax levy for community facilities district. View Notice

-Posted May 17, 2019

Wildfire Symposium May 18, 2019
The following links are Power Point presentations and Movie files for your download.

- Valley Center Ready Set Go.pptx
- Recovery Presentation - Joe Napier.pptx
- Palm tree fire.wmv
- Sandra Younger VALLEY CENTER 05-18-19.ppsx
- Melody Lane Fire_PowerPoint_Lg_001.wmv

Valley Center Fire Protection District
Standards of Coverage Study

The Valley Center Fire Protection District (District) retained Citygate Associates, LLC (Citygate) to perform a Standards of Coverage (Deployment) Study. This study reviews the adequacy of the existing deployment system from the current fire station locations and makes recommendations for change where indicated. This report is presented in three volumes, including this Executive Summary (Volume 1) summarizing our findings and recommendations, a Technical Report (Volume 2) that is the Standards of Coverage (deployment) technical assessment, and a map atlas of deployment coverage measures (Volume 3).
Click on the reports below to view.

Your Department of the Quality of Life
The Valley Center Fire Protection District has been proudly serving our community since 1981. The Fire District response area covers 84.5 square miles of beautiful rural and suburban wildland interface. We provide service to over 23,000 residents and respond to over 2000 incidents annually. We operate out of two strategically located Fire Stations with a third Fire Station in our community based strategic plan to improve service and reduce response times in a climate of increasing demand. The Valley Center Fire Protection District provides and receives automatic and mutual aid through contractual partnerships with all of the North County Fire Agencies as well as Cal Fire and our Reservation Fire Agencies that are in and around Valley Center.

Our Mission is to reduce Community Risk by providing exceptional all risk emergency response to Structure Fires, Wildfires, and Provide Advanced Medical Life Support Paramedic Services on every responding unit. We are the "department of the quality of life" in Valley Center, making our community a better place to live through our Core Family Values, Community Safety Education Programs and actively participating in all community events with a servant's heart. We ready to respond at moment's notice to meet the needs of our growing community.

Joe Napier
Fire Chief
Valley Center Fire Protection District

August, 2017
Dear Property Owner,
In an effort to provide prompt and efficient emergency services to our customers, the Valley Center Fire Protection District is surveying all bridges, culverts and other crossings within our jurisdiction to ensure compliance with District, County and State fire codes. This effort is in response to the identification of several substandard, non-permitted bridges or culverts in the district, with the ultimate goal of preventing our fire apparatus from falling through a bridge or collapsing a culvert. Our staff has conducted a survey and determined that there is a bridge or culvert on your property. We will be requiring that all private bridges and culverts have the maximum vehicle load limits posted on both entrances to the elevated structure.

In order to ensure the safety of our personnel and equipment, we cannot guarantee our fire apparatus will cross your bridge or culvert until such time as we receive verification that your elevated structure will support a capacity of 75,000 pounds. Rest assured we will continue to provide prompt service to your property; however, service will likely be delayed if the capacity of your structure remains unanswered. Verification of capacity may be accomplished by one of the following:

1. Provide proof of a permit, or obtain a permit from the County of San Diego, Department of Planning & Land Use (858) 694-2960

2. If your bridge or culvert cannot be permitted by the County, obtain written verification from a licensed structural engineer. You may find such engineers in the yellow pages under "engineers-structural."

We thank you for your prompt attention in this matter. Should you have any questions, please contact me at (760) 751-7600. A completed county permit or verification can be mailed to Mike Shore, Fire Marshal at the above address.

Mike Shore, Fire Marshal
Valley Center Fire Protection District

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Making plans ahead of time can often mean the difference between tragedy and survival. And, while the VCFPD and other emergency responders are dedicated to making your life safer, no one agency or governmental entity can do everything that needs to be done to protect you in all circumstances.

Good planning includes having knowledge of your community, its terrain, its roads, the best places to go or avoid in an emergency, what media stations to turn to during a disaster for information, and many other things.

Don't delay. Start planning today!



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